Theses of Graduate student submitted since 2004:


Michael Sheinman,

Decay of quantum accelerator modes,

M.Sc., 2004


Tali Oliker,

Characterization of Periodic Orbits by Topological Considerations for a Kicked Particle,

M.Sc., 2005


Rebecca Hihinashvili,

Quantum Accelerator Modes,

M.Sc., 2007


Hagar Veksler,

Localization of the generalized Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation in a random potential,

M.Sc., 2009


Yevgeny Bar-Lev (ne Krivolapov),

Anderson localization in some nonlinear systems,

PhD, 2010


Alexander Rivkind,

Some Rigorous Bounds for Anderson Model and Their Applications,

M.Sc., 2012


Erez Michaely,

Effective Noise Theory for the Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation,

M.Sc., 2012


Gal Fleishon,

Long Time Behavior in Nonlinear Dynamics ,

M.Sc., 2014


Alexandra Bakman,

Effects of interactions on the dynamics of driven cold atoms ,

M.Sc., 2014