Hagai B. Perets

Assistant prof., Technion, Israel.

About Me


I'm an assistant professor in the physics department of the Technion, Israel, as part of the astrophysics group . I am also the co-founder and member of the Minerva center for life under extreme conditions . I study gravitational dynamics at small and large scales; from the dynamics of planetesimals and asteroids in the Solar system and planetary moons to stellar dynamics and evolution of stars and massive black holes in galactic nuclei. I also work on planet foramtion, peculiar low mass supernovae, astrochemistry on interstellar dust and quantum walks. At this point I am looking for creative graduate students and post-docs ; please contact me for further details. I love to explore ideas inside and outside science, and I'm always happy to collaborate.

The cobble stones of black and white,
the flowers of amazing red,
the smell of every springing hour
and shining memories of May -

all for you,
to keep to take,
to think about your way.
To feel, to taste,
to see the light

of everlasting life and might.


Hagai Perets, Astrophysicist.