Hagai B. Perets

Assistant prof., Technion, Israel.

My group

My group currently includes the following people

Post-doc: Uri Malamud (2015-)

Working on structure and evolution of planetesimals and dwarf planets

Post-doc: Curtis Saxton (2014-)

Working on tidal distrputions and stellar dynamics

Post-doc: Serena Repetto (2016-)

Working on X-ray binaries and stellar dynamcs

PhD: Danor Aharon (2012-)

Working on Dynamics and evolution of nuclear clusters around massive black holes

PhD: Erez Michaeli (2012-)

Working on the coupled dynmical-stellar evoltuion of triple systems

PhD: Tatiana Vulfs (2015-)

Working on protoplanetary and circumplanetary disks

PhD: Avi Blasberger ( co-supervised with Ehud Beha; 2015-)

Working on Surveying the 2175A UV Feature in the Interstellar Medium

Msc: Roi Rahin

Working on sattelite formation in circumplanetary disks

Msc: Evgeni Grishin

Working gas-planetesimal interactions

Msc: Hila Glanz

Past members

Robert Citron (visting student)

Working on moon formation scenarios in planetary impacts (co-supervised with Oded Aharonson from Weizmann). Now a PhD student in Bereley.

Mathias Rotenberg (MSc graduate 2012-2014)

Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti (post-doc 2012-2015)

Now a prize-fellow at the Max-Planck Instittue in Heidelberg

The cobble stones of black and white,
the flowers of amazing red,
the smell of every springing hour
and shining memories of May -

all for you,
to keep to take,
to think about your way.
To feel, to taste,
to see the light

of everlasting life and might.


Hagai Perets, Astrophysicist.