Hagai B. Perets

Assistant prof., Technion, Israel.

Media Coverage

Here are some popular science media cover related to my research.

The Earth-Moon composition similarity (Nature) (link to paper)

Widely covered in numerous media, including most major news agencies (see partial list of links)

Failed-Detonation Supernovae: Sub-Luminous Low-Velocity Ia Supernovae and Their Remnant-Kicked Iron-Core White Dwarfs (ApJL) (link to paper)

1. In "Science Daily" (English)

On the origin of planets at very wide orbits from re-capture of free floating planets (ApJ) (link to paper)

1. In "Science" (English)

2. In "National Geographic" (English)

3. In "Scietific American" (English)

A faint type of a supernova from a white dwarf with a helium rich companion (Nature) (link to paper)

1. In "BBC news" (English)

2. In "New scientist" (English, Spanish)

3. In "Science News" (English)

4. In ynet (Hebrew)

5. Weizmann Institute Newspaper (Hebrew)

6. KijK Magazine (Dutch)

Second generation planets (link to paper)

In "Science News" (English)

The role of binary planetesimals in planet formation (link to paper)

In "PhysOrg" (English)

Massive black hole growth in AGN disks (link to paper)

1. In "Sky & Telescope" (English)

2. In "Sci-news" (English)

Hypervelocity blue stragglers (link to paper)

1. In "Science Daily" (English)

The cobble stones of black and white,
the flowers of amazing red,
the smell of every springing hour
and shining memories of May -

all for you,
to keep to take,
to think about your way.
To feel, to taste,
to see the light

of everlasting life and might.