Hagai B. Perets

Assistant prof., Technion, Israel.


When I have the chance I like to do something for others. I try to help up others get the wonderful opportunities I got in my life. I also like to try and help close social gaps between various alienated groups in the society I live in. Finally I also enjoy working with kids/students and try to share with them my enthusiasm for science and the beauty I find in exploring nature.

Below are some activities I've been involved in (and in some cases cases initiated)

Science teaching and outreach

2006-2009 "Youth in Science", Weizmann Institute
                    - Physics lecturer for talented youth
                    - Short term physics projects instructor for outstanding
                    young students
                    - Long term physics project supervisor for outstanding
                    young student (the project won the first prize in the
                    - Israeli youth in science national competition).
2003-2004 School for Arts and Science, Jerusalem (ASA)
                    - Physics project instructor for talented youth
2000-2001 "Yahdav" Organization (voluntary educational help by soldiers)
                    - Low socio-economical level students Math tutor.
1993-1995 Misgav High School
                    - Science studies (chemistry and Mathematics) assistance for disadvantaged students

Other educational and voluntary activities

2004-2005 "Amutat Reut" and "Meoravut Hevratit" organizations
                    - Co-founder of the education Center for low socio-economical
                    level high school students
2004-2005 MAAGAL Volunteers Center in Gilo Neighborhood
                    in Jerusalem.
                    - Founder and head of the volunteer center
                    in Gilo neighborhood
2003-2004 Social Involvement ("Meoravut Hevratit") Organization
                    - Personal guide and tutor for delinquent youth
2002-2003 "Beit Hilel", Hebrew University - Students bi-cultural meetings
                    - Arab-Jewish students meetings and discussions
2001-2002 "Gesher" Organization (bridging over social gaps)
                    - Groups moderator (religious and non-religious groups)
                    - Seminars coordinator and organizer
1993-1995 Misgav High School
                    - Hebrew study assistance for new immigrants
                    - Participant and organizer of extra-curricular
                    discussions on culture and Judaism
1993           United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
                    - Joint Arab-Jewish delegation to Spain
1992-1993 Children Teaching Children Project
                    - Arab-Jewish meetings and discussions
The cobble stones of black and white,
the flowers of amazing red,
the smell of every springing hour
and shining memories of May -

all for you,
to keep to take,
to think about your way.
To feel, to taste,
to see the light

of everlasting life and might.