Hagai B. Perets

Assistant prof., Technion, Israel.



You can find a short interview I have given on the Harvard-Smithsonian site.

My family

I am married to Ruthie and father to Galya, Yuval and Ariel. Here are two pictures of Galya and Yuval from 2010.



My music

I composed a few musical pieces for the piano. Later on I'll put their notes and audio files - stay tuned.

My writing

I like writing short stories and poems.
You can download my stories (only in Hebrew...).
I'll be happy for any respone/comments on them.

Below (and on the right side bar) are a few poems I wrote in English, mostly when I was a bit younger and more naive, but I still like them (maybe because of that...). The only recent poem (2010) is Beyond the fence (see below).

Beyond the fence

Looking far beyond ourselves,
the bustling green across the fence
its slender touch upon the water
the lovers glimpse of one another

Now framed between the fence's beams
the leaves obey wind's changing whims
then butterflies, their circle dance
direct my eyes back to the fence

and I am too, my thoughts do wander
how paths change and cross each other
how once our heart greatest desires
become mere steps to take us higher

Across the ocean past the sky
my eyes still follow butterflies
and when they rest on top the pole
I know they're yet to reach their goal

to go a far beyond the fence
and give me yet another chance

Creating a heaven

Creating a haven
for forsaken thoughts
and lost souls
which sail through my nerves
in search of pirate ports

Eyes and stares

I sat there alone
with nobody else
to speak with
or share
my inermost self

How pretty she was
and how far was I
Only the stairs
between me
and those eyes

I watched them
with envy
untill they were gone
and thought to myself
of those stairs
going down


If you might look
upon the world
with eyes so pure
and free

If you could hear
the birds that sing
and listen
to their

then you would know
the taste of life
the meaning of
to be
The cobble stones of black and white,
the flowers of amazing red,
the smell of every springing hour
and shining memories of May -

all for you,
to keep to take,
to think about your way.
To feel, to taste,
to see the light

of everlasting life and might.