Erez Ribak

General subjects: optics and astronomy, statistical physics, condensed matter


Current main projects:

  1. Adaptive optics over a wide field of view, multi-conjugate adaptive optics
  2. Ocular optics (recent results on directionality of retinal detection) (בעברית: מעבר אור ברשתית)
  3. Long base-line astronomical interferometry
  4. Search for astronomical coherent signals
  5. Intensity interferometry revived (central web page)


Other projects:

  1. Acousto-caustic (flexible pitch) wave-front sensing, experiment and theory
  2. Looking into the eye, and seeing details there
  3. Controlling adaptive optics


…and beyond:

  1. Porous silicon, and its response to voltage and illumination
  2. Search for extra-solar planets


More details? See my list of PUBLICATIONS, and a central web page for INTENSITY INTERFEROMETRY

Previous stuff: the EU RTN on adaptive optics for the eye, SHARP EYE


Physics Building, room 610 (office), 509 (lab)

Phone (972)4 82 92 776 (office), (972)4 82 92 212 (lab), Department Fax (972)4 829 5755

Email  eribak ҩ