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Matlab code

bf_mat.m Calculates matrix representation of the Hofstadter Hamiltonian in rational case. This function is used in bf_dbase.m and bf_dbase2.m.
Calculate and store a database of eigenvalues of the Hofstadter Hamiltonian. The calculated eigenvalues correspong to the edges of the energy bands. See inside the function code for details.
bf_db2bw.m Creates a black&white TIF image of the spectrum from the eigenvalues database.
bf_db2tif.m Creates a color TIF image of the spectrum gaps from the eigenvalues database.


q1680.hdb (~4.1Mb) A database created by executing bf_dbase(1680, 2.0, 'q1680.hdb') in matlab. (available soon)
q2-255.hdb (~12.9Mb) A database created by executing bf_dbase2(2, 255, 2.0, 'q2-255.hdb') in matlab.


Spectrum thumbnail
Colored gaps thumbnail
Colored gaps