Ophir Auslaender
Assistant Professor of Physics

office: physics 306
phone: +972-4-829-4834 (for local calls - replace 0 for 972)
email: ophir-at-physics.technion.ac.il
Technion Department of Physics

My group's website: http://physics.technion.ac.il/~alab/
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Research Interests

We use transport and scanned probes to study a variety of systems and phenomena down to the nanoscale.
These include:

  • Manifestations of quantum mechanics in solids & electronic devices;
  • Cooperative effects, interactions & many-body physics;
  • Topological insulators;
  • Superconductivity;
  • Nanomechanics and imaging of vortices in superconductors.

Selected Publications

  • Auslaender, Luan, Straver, Hoffman, Koshnick, Zeldov, Bonn, Liang, Hardy and Moler, Mechanics of
    Individual, Isolated Vortices in a Cuprate Superconductor, Nature Physics 5, 35-39 (2009).

  • Auslaender, Steinberg, Yacoby, Tserkovnyak, Halperin, Baldwin, Pfeiffer and West, Spin-Charge Separation
    and Localization in One-Dimension, Science 308, 88-92 (2005).

  • Auslaender, Yacoby, de Picciotto, Baldwin, Pfeiffer and West, Tunneling Spectroscopy of the Elementary
    Excitations in a One Dimensional Wire, Science 295, 825-828 (2002).