Quantum Pumping

Supported by

The Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics and

The Minerva Center for Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems




January 7-12, 2007

The Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics

Technion, Haifa, Israel



The problem of quantum pumping is the focal point of several research directions, including mesoscopic solid state, response to low frequency radiation, and adiabatic and geometric transport. Currents are generated by periodically varying parameters of the Hamiltonian rather than introducing a bias. Quantum pumping refers to situations in which the quantum mechanical description is essential. Particles, neutral as well as charged, can be transported in both closed and open geometries. Some of the intriguing challenges in the field include the incorporation of electron-electron interactions, the effect of dissipation and non-adiabatic features of this phenomenon. All these will be discussed in a rather informal atmosphere, leaving ample time for "behind the scenes" discussions.

Participation is by invitation only, but anyone is most welcome to attend the talks.

                         Organizers:   Prof. Piet Brouwer (Cornell)

                                                  Prof. Yuval Gefen (Weizmann)

                                                  Prof. Doron Cohen (Ben-Gurion)

                                                  Prof. Shmuel Fishman (Technion)

                         Coordinator:   Liz Yodim - liz@physics.technion.ac.il




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