Quantum Pumping

Supported by

The Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics and

The Minerva Center for Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems


January 7-12, 2007

The Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics

Technion, Haifa, Israel




Saturday 6th January


        20:00             Reception at the Ganei Dan Hotel


Sunday 7th January, Seminar Room B

       09:45              Opening and coffee

      10:00-10:45     Qian Niu, University of Texas at Austin

                              Geometric phase effects in transport under parametric forces

      11:00-11:45    Sigmund Kohler, University of Augsburg

                              Current fluctuations in nonadiabatic electron pumps

      13:00               Lunch Break

      14:30-15:15    Piet Brouwer, Cornell University

                              Semiclassical theory of a quantum pump

      15:30-16:15    Miriam Blaauboer, Delft University of Technology

                              New geometries for spin and charge pumping

      16:30               Coffee Break

      17:00-17:45    Gian Michele Graf, ETH Zurich

                              Fredholm determinants and counting statistics

      18:00-18:45    Jukka Pekola, Helsinki University of Technology

                              Flux and charge controlled Cooper pair pumping


Monday, 8th January, Lewiner Institute Seminar Room


      10:00-10:45    Mikhail Kiselev, University of Wuerzburg

Kondo effect in organometallic complexes and nanoelectromechanical


      11:00               Coffee Break

      13:00               Lunch and Poster Session, Physics Lidow Complex Foyer


      16:00               Coffee Break

      16:30-17:15    Valerii Vinokour, Argonne National Lab

                              Spectral flow and charge pumping through quantum SINIS Contacts






Tuesday, 9th January, Lewiner Institute Seminar Room


       10:15              Visit to Bahai Center and lunch in the city


      15:30               Coffee Break

      16:00               Greetings: Professor Peretz Lavie, Technion Vice-President for
Resource Development and External Relations

      16:05-16:50    Juergen Koenig, Ruhr-Universität Bochum 

                               Adiabatic pumping through interacting quantum dots

      17:05-17:50    Yuval Oreg, Weizmann Institute

Pumping in interacting systems


Wednesday, 10th January, Lewiner Institute Seminar Room


      10:00-10:45    Frank Hekking, University of Grenoble

                              Superconducting charge pumps

      11:00               Coffee Break


      13:00               Lunch

      16:00               Coffee Break

      16:30-17:15    Doron Cohen, Ben-Gurion University

                              Quantum stirring of particles in closed devices


      20:00               Conference Dinner


Thursday, 11th January, Lewiner Institute Seminar Room


       10:00-10:45   Yosi Avron, Technion

                              Quantum swimmers

       11:00              Coffee Break


      13:00               Lunch


      14:30-15:15    Maxim Vavilov, Yale University

Zero resistance state as a manifestation of charge pumping in disordered     

      16:00               Coffee Break


      16:30               Markus Buettiker, University of Geneva

                              Physics Department Colloquium: Shot Noise: From Schottky to Bell

                               Lecture Hall 323, Lidow Physics Complex


Friday, 12th January, Lewiner Institute Seminar Room


      09:30-10:15    Rosario Fazio, Scuola Normale, Pisa

                              Non-abelian superconducting pumps

     10:30-11:15     Markus Buettiker, University of Geneva

Dynamics of mesoscopic capacitors    


     11:30               Coffee Break

     12:00                Concluding Remarks

     13:00                Lunch


The conference dinner is on Wednesday 10th January.

Arrangements for the other dinners will be announced at a later date.